Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Three Countries - One Day

China is not the tropics but Beijing is a fantastic place. Big thanks to our guide, Monica!

Tuk tuk driver who took us through the Hutong in Beijing.

China without the Great Wall - Not!

The title was tough tonight, I debated calling it finally pictures - Yahoo! Today was a short jaunt but long in paperwork. We went through two immigration points and two departure gates. I have cramped fingers from filling out form after form after form. China, Thailand, Cambodia - and now here I am in Siem Reap, Cambodia the home of Angkor Wat. In the four years since I was last here Siem Reap has changed from a sleepy little town to one where tour buses rumble through the streets and mega hotels are edging the perimeter. Within its core it is still small but the traffic is noticeably heavier and things are definitely changing. I haven't seen Angkor Wat yet - that's for tomorrow. I can hardly wait after four years and many more months following my characters in "Tall, Dark and Exotic" through Cambodia.

In a day and a half we are off to Myanmar - I think. The transfers at the airline look a little tight but we'll see - travel is always an adventure and it's more fun if you freelance.

Until next time.


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Teresa said...

Thanks for the pictures! The wall looks amazing! Glad to hear you have "writer's cramp" but have made it closer to your intended destinations. Enjoy stepping back where your characters have been! Mom and Dad send their love. Now if I could get my printer to print properly, they would have some pics of you...(ooo, a little alliteration there!)