Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Out of the Comfort Zone - And Over the Edge

Yesterday was a scuba diving adventure. The first time in scuba gear since certification four years ago. Although it seemed like I had forgotten everything, it all came back. Let me say that scuba diving was not on the top of my list of things to do. With only four dives under my belt I may be certified but still a beginner. But I'm so glad I didn't listen to that little voice that screeched something about remaining comfortable, dry and on shore. Instead, I stepped off that boat and dived into another world that I thought I had long forgotten. But how could you forget such sights.

Sting rays scurry for cover. Jelly fish float with delicate tentacles that bob in an undersea exotic dance. Sea urchins waft in silent currents. Cliffs of red and orange and blue hued coral undulate in hills across the sands. Brightly coloured anemone harmonize with the urchins and scho0ls of fish flit here and there. A sucker fish follows, biting one of the divers as he cleans off anything that may have lodged on our equipment. An hour and a half under water will be part of this trip that I'll long remember.

Life is a risk. Take a chance today.


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Teresa said...

Good for you! Sometimes we forget there is a whole other world beneath the waves. I'm glad you didn't get any jellyfish stings! I am surprised to see you in shorts when wind chills here kept all the rugrats in for recess. Take me away please!!!
Love mariabjyjjjnnnnnnyj7i