Sunday, January 20, 2008

Koh Phangan Tattoo - Ouch!

Wipe outs on motor scooters are so common on Koh Phangan that the resulting gashes are called the Koh Phangan Tatoo. Just the other day I saw a girl lounging by the pool with a four inch gash in her bikini clad side - the Koh Phangan Tattoo.

Still, motor scooter is such an enjoyable way to see some of these islands. They're easy to park anywhere and take a picture or explore a site more closely.

Renting motor scooters is easy - every little shop seems to have them. And the island is small - easy to explore on these small vehicles. But the tattoo does echo in my head especially when you can see why - the roads are mostly paved but there are dips and unexpected craters where whole pieces of concrete or pavement are missing. Combine erratic road repair and beach wear with an island known for partying, this is the island where the full moon party has become infamous, and voila - the tattoo.

Made it back in one piece. No cuts or bruises, just a deeper tan and an appreciation of an island that goes from sea to mountain in minutes.

The last day on this idylic little island calls for fireworks. But one problem - the resident dog, who spends her days assisting random children to find rocks and shells in the water and her evening looking for whatever doggie treasure she thinks might lurk in the gently lapping surf - also has no real liking for fireworks. In fact she is in search and destroy mode. With rockets firing off in tandem it is difficult to hold one smelly, wet lab by her rather chubby haunches. But in the end, the dog survived unscathed but frustrated that no one would let her get at those fireworks.

It's always difficult leaving a place. The time there is always too short. As the time on this island dwindles away there is another adventure to anticipate. Soon it's off to Bangkok. One night in Bangkok before it's off again for a marathon plane ride that will end one day backwards and a continent away as this journey comes to an end. But it's not over yet...

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