Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Journeys End

The plane only takes me so far. There is still a dog to pick up and a seven hour car ride before it is home to Saskatchewan. Wide open spaces with nothing but snowy fields is not what I've been used to seeing. A lone coyote trots down the meridian dividing the two highways, a herd of antelope graze contently. Yes, this is home. Cold and snowy it is wildly beautiful in it's own way. But the difference from where I've so recently been is overwhelming, especially - the

Today I look outside to a snow covered garden. But it's still good to be home.

Rourke thinks so to as the stuffed cow moos for the millionth time and he lays happily back and chomps down trying to dismantle its head.

It might be cold but snow can be a beautiful thing.


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Teresa said...

I guess you are home!
Welcome back!