Monday, January 7, 2008

Forgot Gas

"Forgot Gas" is not something you want to hear when you've been driving by wooden longboat across a huge lake for the last three hours. But there we were as our driver says those fateful words. Fortunately, forgot gas turned out to not mean out of gas but rather he forgot to refill the tank from the gas tank beside him. So within five minutes we're off again. Here we are at Inle Lake. What an incredible journey. Marsh land and huge fields of floating gardens. Fields and fields of floating tomatoes. Floating villages dot the lake. Their industry uses primitive tools to produce beautiful silver, lotus robes for the monks, silk and soft paper from mulberry bark. Mountains hover in a silent shrouded mist around us and the pampas grass towers a lonely backdrop to it all.

I'm in an internet cafe right now. It is a dial up modem and for a time I didn't think I'd be able to post anything. The equipment is old, the keyboard full of dust but there's always an expert around. My friendly computer guru got me onto blogger through a back door and here I am. Well almost here, I can't read or post comments. I might have to wait until Thailand but post anyway.

Safe Travels



Kathy said...

Great to hear from you and, as always, what we hear is elegant and descriptive. Thanks for the ride and I hope you're keeping a journal...we're going to want to hear alot more!!!

Teresa said...

We're happy to hear from you! I'm glad you made the attempt to blog even if you didn't know if it would get through! Maybe you will need to carry around your own can of petrol from now on! Ha! Keep on having fun!