Monday, June 25, 2007

What about the Dog?

It takes planning to travel with a dog and sometimes you have to travel without. I've always thoughts kennels were barbaric. So my dogs have never been kenneled. There was always Mom and Dad or friends who would take care of the fur baby. But times change and with the option of never going any where or kenneling looming, I started researching. Apparently times have changed. There are kennels with play times and walk times and cuddle times.

Friday we headed for Calgary and a trial run at a kennel. So with our always amiable Irish Terrier, Rourke, loaded in the back we headed out. The Pet Planet people had assured me that there would be a minimum of six play times a day. Dogs are allowed to run in groups in a fenced yard. If that didn't make my dog nut, dog happy - nothing would. Of course, there was also body massage, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, pedicures and daycare if we wanted those options. Not this time. It's only a weekend visit. His suite, as it's called, is a four by eight room with cinderbrick walls, to give privacy, and wire mesh doors, wide hall ways and no stacking of suites. I go in with Rourke - it's surprisingly roomie. I can stand upright with plenty of room. He's given a raised bed that looks like a small trampoline. I put his blanket on that with his duck and he's curled up before I'm ready to leave.

How did he make out? Well, he didn't drag me from the resort. In fact he didn't seem anxious to leave the dog play yard - I had to coax him out. He was exhausted but untraumatized. Yep, dog kennels have really grown up. And by the way they don't call them kennels anymore - they're resorts and your dog is on vacation too. And in this case, I think he really was.

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Rourke post vacation


Anonymous said...

I must have a thing for handsome, playful, duck-loving Irishmen!

Rourke, you are SO adorable!

Thanks for posting your kennel experience. With summer at hand, this is very timely information.

Our pets are beloved family members; every member of the family should enjoy themselves on vacation!

PS. Does your local newspaper buy travel articles from freelance writers? This would make a great one! I would pay to read this! Or else maybe Dog Lover's Magazine for example?

Ryshia's Travels said...

Rourke thanks you for the complement. It's gone straight to his duck loving head.

Our local newspaper doesn't buy travel articles that I know of but you're right - kennel information would sure be useful to other dog owners. Maybe a dog magazine or a travel magazine. Thanks, you've given me something to thing about.