Friday, February 14, 2020

Flashback Friday - Three Days and From the Dust is Released!

Hope you're enjoying your Valentine's Day. It's a day to pamper and appreciate not just those we love but ourselves. I did that by going to a thermal spa yesterday. On the way home, DH and I saw the most amazing sunset that only got better with every minute that it lasted. It was the perfect ending to a beautiful day.  

Have a fabulous day! And, to help keep your day on the right track, here's the story of my first publication - love and romance.


Here goes - a journey back to my first release! I remember the excitement. It was a dream come true after sending off all those submissions in envelopes with return stamps that had "love" on them. Yes, envelopes and stamps, it was that long ago. But it's still an interesting place to visit - the excitement of that first release. From the Dust was my only historic romance. I was still finding my way and despite that, I think it's a good story. 

So here's the official post as the days counted down:

On December 1, 2007 - "From the Dust" will be officially released.
More than a love story. More than history. Read about life on a Saskatchewan farm in 1935. Cheer on our two combatants Tate and Eva. Who will get the farm? Who will leave and who will stay? Or will passion win out? Will they fall in love? 

You can pick up your copy at almost any online bookstore; Amazon, Barnes &Noble, Books a Million, Target and read the story of Eva and Tate as they meant it to be told. 

There, that's it for me and promo. Soon it will be on to our regularly scheduled programming. There have been a few glitches of late - I wanted to add music to the blog but that has taken more time then I realized it would and, well the music is still in the queue. Some of my interviews were cancelled as it is flu season here in Saskatchewan. There were quite a few ugly bugs going around. I'm happy to say that although I had to cancel pending interviews because of the flu, they're all feeling better and I hope to write a few more interviews. Especially because one spry 90 something was very excited to be included. He'd be devestated if I don't interview him and have his words appear in print for all of you. 

Until later. 

Dream big and travel safe.


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