Sunday, July 10, 2016

Timing is Everything

This week my timing was incredibly off.  A contest I had running on Goodreads ended at the same time that Canada Post labour negotiations appeared to hit the rockiest ever - lockout, strike were words hot in the air - oh my, what is an author to do.  I hope everything works out fairly for both sides but in the meantime I have a pile of signed books that need to get in the mail and start making their way to a few cool sounding spots in the world.

So what to to do?  I'd sat on my hands for as long as I could and on FridayI heard what could only be called, a miracle!  The union proposed a cool down period - 30 days, more than enough time, if I'm first in line at the post office on Monday, to get my books jaunting across the globe and reaching their destinations before everything again threatens to shut down.

But then, you guessed it - the  "but only if" clause kicked in and not everyone's happy.  Now I don't know if there will be mail on Monday or if the mail in Canada just ground to a halt.  My fingers are crossed for the former.  But - no worries, all you winners of Suspect Witness and you know who you are, if the post office doesn't come through, this author has decided to get creative.

Who said travel had to be a long trip.  This time, a day trip, a slip over the border and a visit with the United States Postal Service in a little Montana town not too far from home should do the trick.  A win all around, I get a jaunt, short - so no suitcase needed, and the contest winners get their books.  Not sure what customs is going to say about this when they ask the reason for the trip...sigh.  

Surely they'll agree - Problem solved - almost...  Still, fingers crossed that Monday's news makes this week's proposed trek null and void.


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