Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Day Another Tour Stop

I'm so used to snow and cold that today I trucked outside with my ski pants on, heavy duty mitts etc. etc.  Fast forward twenty minutes, I'm sweating and just a little hot when the temperature is only hovering in the single digits below zero and I'm dressed for the double duo twosome of cold weather.  Yep, a little overdressed today.

And  - I'm touring today.  Another chance to enter to win prizes both today and the end of the tour.  Just pop over and leave a comment, about the book, a question you might have or even a friendly hello.  It's on from now until, well midnight I suppose - unfortunately I'm not sure what time zone so the sooner the better.  Check it all out at Books and Other Spells.  I promise the proprietor of that site runs a friendly, helpful site.

So anything out of the ordinary in your life?


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