Monday, September 17, 2012

Get Your Damn Foot Off That Rake

The rake has disappeared again.  And I need the thing even though the trees are still full of leaves, the ground is covered too. 

A shovel when I need a rake!
It seems a workout program, a mini gym, has dropped into my yard.  The cost, free - just pick up the rake.  This is good for those of us who have been whining that they are in need of exercise.  It's time to get the weight machine functioning again.  Never mind that all it needs is a slight tweaking with a screwdriver.  I have my excuses and you have yours.

It's been a hard summer, maybe that's a wrong descriptor - more like difficult.  And as a result I've let a few things go and I'm not feeling good about that.  This blog for one - no more, it's a new leaf (no pun intended) but the change in a season always seems to bring about that feeling of change.  Twice a week I'll post, I'd commit to more than that but lets see how that goes.

All that space and I'm all run out.
Fall is beginning to coat the mornings with chill and the days with that unique scent that seems to have combined endings and beginnings.  I'm ready for the switch to darker, crisper mornings.   It's a time to get things done - when I'm alone and the world is quiet.  But despite the advent of late sunrise, I'm having trouble settling in.  I set the alarm early as usual and sleep in for forty-five minutes passed that.  I suspect, despite my argument to the contrary, that I'm having trouble realizing that it's time to put my shorts away.  Or maybe it's my flip flops that I'm partial to. 

As far as the story goes - a small glitch, something called the middle.  And as for the rest of it, you know what's to come - I've been thinking as the mornings get colder that maybe when fall's edges harden and the temperature drops, a temporary escape is in order.  Somewhere south, over one border, two, three or four.  Fine, I'll go for one for now, just a small break later in the year.  We'll see how things go.

Check out my website for everything that's going on.  It's a work in progress but this fall looks like it may be busy.
And you, planning ahead?


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