Sunday, May 6, 2012

NFL Draft, Not Quite - This One Is for Writers

So this year I listened to bits of the NFL draft and it's been a revelation.  The surprise is really that it is a surprise.  I mean I've been married to an NFL junkie for, well we're not going to discuss how many years.  The thing is so far I've managed to escape the NFL draft.  Maybe it was satellite radio that was my undoing.  Our latest vehicle came with a trial run of satellite radio turned conveniently to the NFL.  So, I've been listening as I drive from one end of the city to the other to the NFL news.  Why don't I change the channel?  First I'd have to know what channel - yes, I know I could just hit the pre-selected - okay, okay, leave me alone.  It is, what it is.  If the radio is on a certain channel once the vehicle is in motion - that's what I listen to or turn off but never change. 

Now I know a bit more about the teams and even have some opinions on players, few but some, all thanks to those drives across the city to visit my mom and listen to non-stop football talk on the way.  I began to think that the NFL draft was rather like waiting for that call from an editor that you've been accepted.  Imagine a stadium full of writers picked first or second or even third round waiting for a publisher to pick them up?

Will it be your first choice, your second or... were you even picked at all?  No wait, if you make the stadium you're guaranteed a finish and a whole rocket load of hype there after.  That's the writers' rule, in this new land of...  Okay, so that was fantasy land but it wouldn't be a bad land to visit, just for a while.

Reality - On Tuesday, May 8 I'm hosting Allie Pleiter with another new release.  That's her second release this year!  She was here in February with Falling for the Fireman and I'm thrilled to have her here again.  This time it's with her latest release, Homefront HeroHomefront Hero is a book that looks particularly interesting to me, because of the time period - WWI and because Allie writes some great stories.  As part of her stop she's offering a copy of Homefront Hero to one lucky commenter! 



susan said...

This book touches my heart and I hope to get to read it. I am so glad you think of our service men and women. I run a small community library and would be happy to place some of your promo items on the table I have for authors so others can see your work. I do not charge for this..just happy to help spread the word. If you are interested to send me some items to share and display my address is sue Leech, 1273 Strahan rd., New Columbia, PA 17856

optical said...

This sounds like a fantastic book and I'd love to read it.