Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Memories of Christmas Passed

The remains of Christmas lay everywhere.  From the half eaten cheese ball that someone forgot to put in the refrigerator that has now hit the garbage bin, to the bag of wrapping paper that needs to head back down to the basement for a twelve-month rest.  The evidence that Christmas has passed on by is everywhere.

But it's on my walk where I see some more interesting remnants of Christmas.

First, there's the nativity scene that decorates a garbage bin.  Now, that alone wouldn't be so interesting except for the fact that the occupants of that house are nuns and their only outside decorations seem to be that garbage bin.

Then there's the sign - freshly put out, I know for there isn't a day I don't walk this route.  I'm more regular than the mail carrier for they at least take Saturday and Sunday off. But the sign - "Found One Large Brown Dog,"that's new and it makes me stop.  Apparently there were some unexpected gifts under someone's tree.  It leaves me to hope that the poor chap - the large brown dog, found his home because he's obviously not in the home of dog people.  For dog people would have had a more accurate description - part lab, all poodle, curly, chestnut colour, appears to love chips - friendly or he's snarling in our back yard or...

And the ending to this year's Christmas, click here if you missed it all.  Well, my niece, in her youthful exuberance, thought that it ended in grand fashion.  Of course, she was not the one sliding through the mess in her Christmas socks.  Instead she was in charge of keeping the too young and the too old out of the mess.  A rather fun job - when all it involved was a cue stick and a game or two or three of pool.  So I think I may pass on her request for another unexpected ending for next year - not unless she's talking about something a little easier to clean up - like fireworks.

So Christmas 2011 - is done.  All that's left are the leftovers - boxes of chocolates at every corner.  And I don't know about you but I'm done too - at least for the next day or two.

It's in the little things - that the kernels for another story slowly arise.  


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Slamdunk said...

Sounds familiar. We are still trying to clean-up here after 12/25. The kids like the Christmas tree so much that the Mrs. usually converts it to a Valentine Day tree and leaves it up for a couple more months.

Ryshia Kennie said...

A Valentine Day tree - now that's innovative!