Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween and Counting

It's almost impossible for me to fathom that it's hours away from October 31.  Where has the time gone?  I admit I've been busy and time passing seems to be the bane of adults the older we get.  But this is ridiculous.  Time has found a broomstick of its own making and headed off to that caldron in the sky.

So with only hours standing between me and my trick or treaters, I have to admit that I haven't even considered what ghoulish attire I will don.  Not that props are a problem.  I have my trusty stack of makeup that can make me look like road kill in a matter of minutes.  But I have no vision - unlike most years.  So I'm hoping inspiration hits me as I pull out the skeletons and rats that adorn the front step, to come up with a spooky theme that the neighbourhood kids have come to expect.

It will be different this year.  I think instead of going all out on decorations there might just be a little more drama at the door, after all it is all about the effects.  Later, when the outside lights are all out and the kids have gone home, well there's a bevy of movies befitting of the season from Halloween to all three episodes of Poltergeist. 

I'm sensing that with this massive injection of horror, the black moment might be no trouble in any of my stories over the next little while.  Seriously there's nothing that takes us into that secretive world of the imagination better than a horror movie.  It's scene after scene that's just not reality in any of our lives and yet we sink into it as if this is a realistic occurrence.  Horror movies leave reality at the door and we're happy to do so even without the promise of the happily ever after.  This may sound contrarian but for a romance writer, that's worth studying. 

And you - any ways you're doing Halloween different this year?

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Oh said...

Different for Halloween this year? WE spooked up the house a little with strobe lights upstairs and scary music playing through the front windows. And I dressed up, but knowing that our neighborhood is full of mostly "littles," I took the storybook route and have been running to the door dressed as the Mad Hatter. What fun! Nice to be part of it all, while husband handled the technical (lights and music).

and the weather has been sweet. A lovely night for the kiddos, and oh my, look at all this candy we sitll have!

Also different, I spent some time writing today, Halloween-ish stuff (unusual for me...)

Ryshia Kennie said...

Oh - I love the venture into the Halloween-ish stuff, doesn't it feel good to experiment?

Halloween at your place sounds like a completely awesome time. The "littles" are the most fun aren't they? This year I had a tiny batman order me to remove that mask and then tell me that I really wasn't that scary. Good thing - he was looking at my real face LOL