Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Delay Tactics - Promotion Qualms

I was up early this morning - set to begin the WIP (work in project).  But first I had to head on over to the party room at the Romance Studio and post for the Spookapalooza party that starts today and goes to the end of the month.  Then - well there were e-mails to deal with, a bit of playing around with my blog - and my story sat open, waiting.  Disasters are happening, killers are on the prowl and a romance is pushing for room amidst it all but none of that was grabbing my attention this morning.     

Today I've been faced with a fact that most days I don't consider.  The market seems to be overflowing with romance books.  It might be a tight market as far as the big houses are concerned but there seems to be no shortage of books.  How does an author not become like the telemarketer that you feel for but you still aren't buying a thing that they're selling as you push back annoyance that they even bothered you in the first place.  Bothered you for the fourth time that day!  Of course on a bad day - you just hang up.

The noise of promotion, is it me or is it gaining momentum?  As a reader I find it overwhelming and as a result I've bought a few duds and unearthed a few gems, so far I'm batting about 50/50 on unearthing previously unknown authors.  As an author I find it incredibly frustrating.  How does one get seen above the noise? Selling my "first born" is not an option - besides I don't think he'd approve.

Promotion - some days you wake up just a little hoarse and a tad jaded when all  you want to do is write that darn book.  A better book than the last one and hopefully not as good as the one that will come after.   In the trajectory of a career, each book should teach the author something that will improve the one that follows.

Selling - it's a gift that few of us have.  It reminds me of the door salesman and if you ever watch the Walton's you'll know what I'm talking about.  Some people just have that gift.

It was one of those days when reality poked it's grumpy little nose right into my writing space.  So I stopped and considered my promotional dilemma.  It's probably nothing that money and a good promotional agency couldn't solve but right now that's not an option.  So it's do it yourself all the way and I'll forge on.  There's always a unique idea, a new twist and I've tried a few myself - some with great success.  Today is just not the day for that light bulb moment.   So while I wait I think I'll have another cup of coffee then continue on writing what I hope will be a better book than the last.  In the end, what else is an author to do?

Oh and I'm still on the path of change.  Yesterday in my quest to change gears I made stew.  This might not be monumental for some of you but for someone who has always sworn she doesn't cook it was.  Not only that, the stew was edible.  Hey, it was a virgin recipe - anything could have happened.

When the road gets bumpy do you delay?

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Denise DiFalco said...

Delaying makes me depressed so I just take a few moments out, think about it and get up back on the horse again.

Brandlwyne aka Brandy B said...

Spookapalooza seems like sooo much fun but i am behind i was having problems with the site yesterday :( Anyways I like your site and that doggie pic is sooo cute... you have been very busy.


Ryshia Kennie said...

Brandlwyne - you'd be surprised the story behind that pic. He was not quite as cooperative as he looks. But a dog biscuit at the end of the "ordeal" seemed a good trade off at least to him.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Denise - delaying irritates me and sometime I don't realize what it is that's eating at me until I look at my to-do list that I'm more than likely ignoring.

Swtlilchick said...

I admit I do delay when the road gets
bumpy,but then I take a short break
and a long breath and get up wipe
myself off and proceed on.For I
know if I don't it will get a whole
lot bumpier.By the way I love your way with words.It definitely is an

Ryshia Kennie said...

CharlieGurl - good philosophy and much thanks for the compliment. BTW love the title of your blog - what a great play on words.