Friday, September 10, 2010

Use It Or Lose It

Colour codes, page backgrounds, lines on a page - HTML Code, ugh.    To think many years ago I was offered a position in web design.  Fast forward to today's aspirin inducing wrestle with exactly what I might have made a living at "once upon a time".   I've been reduced to coding that resembles the old typewriter hunt and peck - only in this case add a google.  Is it a case of use it or lose it? 

It's true that we can have many hobbies or skills in our life but many are forgotten as they are replaced with something new.  Sure there are the interests that we use and take through life and then there are the, what I will call, transients.  For me that would be:  scrapbooking, violin, shopping (yes I once loved shopping! - and don't say shopping isn't a skill I can hear people queuing up in line to dispute that fact).  That was just a short list but I'm sure I could think of many more but why bore you with details when you might still be floundering over the interest in violin.

I've found that those "past" interests come back to remind me that they're still around and I might need them.  Take scrapbooking, just last fall all those supplies came to good use when I put together a family album as a gift.  Shopping - well I'll get to that.  Today, it's web design.  I have a program that feels rather proprietary as it seems to laughingly work against me.  For every command I insert it neatly erases on save.  With Halloween around the corner, I hesitate to think that it might have a mind of it's own.  And shopping - there is the large Halloween store that is, or will open shortly, that I'm excited about.  Somehow, Halloween shopping isn't really shopping at all.

When we think of the future we think of new but maybe much of the future is just a rework of the past.  Do we just recycle old interests and call them new?

The nice thing about being a writer is that past interests, future interests, current interests - they can all find a use somewhere in a story or two.   Take wine-making - a former hobby that takes up more space than most in the basement, there's a place for it in the current story. 

Any old hobbies returning to haunt you?

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Oh said...

Cooking. Yup, an old hobby. And one I glady forsook (to an extent) when taking a managerial corporate role. But mmm...the corporate thing is, well, habit now and I find the family happy at the table when I get into cooking, souping, baking, etc. and conversations are lively.
And something in me is leaning towards, sewing...again. Not to make clothes (yikes, no!) but to work it into art, writing, journaling somehow.
And husband has resurrected my keyboard!
There are so many cool things to do - hwere's that summer vacation?

Ryshia Kennie said...

Cooking - I forgot - how could I LOL - I gave that up too. Hubby is just so much better at it. And all the other interests - if it were summer vacation 24-7 would there be enough time?

Courtney said...

Funny how they say the future is what you make it, but do we really have any power? My future seems to be what others in my life want it to be, they dictate it by their attitudes.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Hi Courtney - I think there's definitely aspects of the future we can't control; the actions of others, nature, etc. We have the option to go one way or another in response to an event or attitude and I think that is a huge impact on an individual's future.