Sunday, August 15, 2010

Don't Travel Quietly

We have squirrels, dozens and dozens of squirrels.  I love the little guys.  They're entertaining and harmless except for a dug up flower pot or two.  And I'm an ardent defender of their right to share my backyard space.  Not everyone thinks that way and I have to admit that even I have resorted to a little hot pepper sprinkled around a pot or two to keep them from digging up flowers.

Maybe that was why they dug up the Habanero pepper I had growing in a little pot on the deck and took away the evidence so there was nothing to even replant.  I do believe they have a sense of humour.  If nothing else, they're letting it be known that they were here.  Still, it was rather ironic when after years of falling apart public sidewalks on our street, on the eve of getting new concrete I say, "No one better engrave their initials or hand print etc., etc. into the fresh concrete. 

It wasn't long after when I discovered these tiny little paw tracks immortalized for all time in the new concrete.  There was nothing I could do but laugh - this was a squirrel I wouldn't forget!

Something to remember as we travel through life - don't travel quietly, at least not all the time.  Let people know now and again that you've been here.

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Judy said...

We have squirrels around our property also. We do have dogs inside the yard and a couple that run loose. That does not stop them from coming into the yard. My husband has squirrel feeders on the trees on our property for them, but if he fails to keep them full they will come into the yard for the feed that is out for the birds. I love to sit on the back porch and watch them eat:)

JackieW said...

I love to watch the squirrels out my daughter's baywindow in her kitchen when I visit her in the Pasadena, CA area. They hang upside down to eat the persimmons off her tree then run along the fence as the dog chases them. They never get caught.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Judy - Love that you have squirrel feeders. I don't but my neighbours do so the squirrels come to my yard to hide their treats.

stacey said...

We have Grond Squirrels in are yard thay dig hole to live in and drive the dogs crazy running betweeen hole.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Stacey - These squirrels have attitude - the dog barks and they fire right back at him with their chatter - in the safety of a tree - of course. Sounds like your ground squirrels have one up on the dog too.