Sunday, July 4, 2010

Outlaw - Dream It or Just Do It!

Yesterday I checked out downtown Calgary and the sights.  Every city is unique and that's what I love about travel.  The people, the taste and smells are always different from home.  But what I was really interested in seeing this visit was the new statue honouring one of the city's heroes - not a man or a woman but a bull.  Yes, Outlaw is a local hero having dumped every rider who ever attempted to ride him except one.  The amazing sculpture of Outlaw is located just outside the stock exchange and fits the dedication "Bullish On Your Future".    Outlaw was created by fellow Saskatchewanian, Rich Loffler.
Both Outlaw and Rich are a fantastic example of dreaming + doing = success.
 Statue of Outlaw, Calgary, Alberta

Suitably awed after seeing Outlaw - my only regret that I never met him in person - we took a break and headed to Inglewood where we arrived in time for Free Hug Day.  I was duly hugged and after that received a generous sample of delicious dark chocolate.   A collection of unique shops from consignment to Chinese antiques, and a dog named Jack who slipped like a shadow from inside to outside a small shop depending on the energy of the crowd in the shop at that particular time.  Lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant completed the afternoon.  All in all, a pretty good day in Calgary.

Calgary, Alberta

It's hard to believe that Canada Day is three days past, this post is one day late, and already the July 4 celebrations south of the border are more then half way through.

Happy Birthday everyone - including Rourke who also had a birthday July 4 - time sure passes! 

Any unexpected hugs in your day?


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