Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Sells a Book?

With "Ring of Desire" about to release an author's proverbial question arises - "What Sells a Book?" And then there's the reader's proverbial question - "Why buy the book?"

Those two questions look simple enough but the scope turns into that multi-layered problem I've touched on in other posts - promotion. Truly, between you and me, I'd rather just write the book. I love words, stories and sharing them with others.

Okay, now that I have that secret out in the open, the reality is that to sell a book, you must write a good book and people must know it exists. But the marketplace is a busy place these days with more books being published than any of us have time to read. So what is an author to do? This week my writing has suffered on the quest of the conundrum - How to get the message out in a crowded marketplace?

Don't get me wrong - there are things I love about promotion. I love the creativity in coming up with that just-so bookmark or creating contests that readers will love. Or the idea that, while tried before, I've put my own unique spin on. Yes promo, that horned beastie that has mutated into marketing and promotion, is roaming free but I promise I'll try to keep it contained for now.

I must run - it is less than an hour away from the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th hour. One of the most historic moments of the last century. It is that special time when we honour all those that fought and still fight worldwide for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Lest we forget.


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