Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Face on that Book

The last few days has been spent criticizing and adoring the new cover of my book.

A book somehow doesn't seem real until the cover art appears. Now "Ring of Desire" has a face. I waited with baited breath for that cover to arrive. While I can't quite visualize what will work, I know what I don't want. And while the publisher will accommodate to a point, in the end the cover might not be your choice.

So I've heard.

Fortunately, both times this hasn't been my experience. And it isn't this time. My publisher is more than accommodating. The first version of the cover is dark and mysterious with a touch of romance in a color. It's perfect. And I can say that with true objectivity as the cover art is something I had no hand in creating. I could only suggest what I would like to see; dark mystery, an ancient keep in the background. Of course being perfect didn't mean I didn't pick at details that I'm sure that no one but me might ever see. Really, when as a reader did you ever look really closely at the cover of a book? I mean down to the lettering closely. I have to say never, unless I wrote the book. Then, of course, it is a different matter.

When was the last time you cared a little too much? And is that a bad thing?


Coming to bookstores soon - Ring of Desire, 2009

A medieval fantasy steeped in history. A heroine faced with the
ultimate choice, immortality or mortal love.

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