Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bangkok - Fined

Just prior to a visit to the Royal Palace in Bangkok a local warned us about littering. I suppose he'd seen foreigners littering and knew of the repercussions. However, having grown up in Canada and lived through anti-littering campaigns it was the last thing on my mind. However, cigarette butts weren't. Not that I'm a smoker but at the time one person in our group was and what better place to dispose of a butt but a sidewalk grate?


Ten minutes later what looked like a bus shelter that contained a desk on the edge of a busy pedestrian sidewalk took on a whole new meaning as we stood dutifully before the Thai policeman. When asked our country of origin I noted that his smile slipped when we said Canada and his finger trailed down the list. It appeared, and this is only a guess, that the fines were country of origin specific. We walked away $60 lighter and a new addition to our list of rules on what littering really means.

Oh, did I mention that on that day too, the King's limo stopped suddenly barely missing running over someone in our small group. It was a day made for entries in the book "What Not to do When Overseas."

Live and learn.

Ryshia (and the ticket - that has become a travel souvenir or should we say badge of honor?)
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