Saturday, August 9, 2008

911 - Squirrels are Everywhere

You can't see him very well but that's a squirrel in our yard. That's not unusual, in our neighborhood there are squirrels everywhere. Some neighbors feed them peanuts and some neighbors wage a silent warfare with them. Me, I just enjoy them.

But the other day put a whole other spin on the squirrel issue. There was a stuffed dog toy, a pig actually, left on the lawn by Rourke and friend. Today, there was a squirrel playing with it. I apologize, the pictures are a little blurry, the squirrel was small and you can only get so close before they run away. But he was whirling end over end flipping that pig around, hugging it and rolling again. He spent five minutes playing with that dog toy. It was so sweet and what a break from today's writing research.

How fast does blood congeal?

So, what's your take on wild life in the city or blood congealing for that matter - LOL?



Dog_geek said...

Ummm, are you sure that he's playing? It looks like the squirrel might be thinking that it is one good looking squeaky toy that he'd like to get to know a little better!

Ryshia Kennie said...

Definitely a different take from the one I had. A definite hmmm. Guess you had to see it all in real time.