Sunday, July 27, 2008

Limits of the Mind

Today was storm clean up - get the tree off the roof. It would have been sooner but apparently sawing down even part of an elm tree is not a straight forward event. Anyway, I knew help was needed. This wasn't a one person job. And that thought started it all!

So the ladder is in place and one man is on the roof. And I? It was definitely an OMG moment. I clung to that ladder for a long time. A considerably long time, minutes will not be factored in this post.

I have to admit, me and heights do not equal happiness. I'm terrified of heights. So storm cleanup - It may seem like a small feat for those of you not height challenged, but for me, getting on that ladder and inching my way to the roof - it was a huge deal.

Getting on the roof - well we don't have a long enough blog post for that. Let's just say that I got there. And once there, for a time I only inched my way along as if somehow my foot would slip and I'd go tumbling down. Illogical, but what can I say.

The tree is now gone. I worked very slowly and carefully to dump branches off the roof and even held the remaining tree trunk as the chain saw buzzed through. Let's just say that in that instance my yoga training came in handy. Keep butt down as firmly to roof as possible thereby grounding ones self in case of a tumble. Keep balance. Breathe.

In the end, no matter how long it took, I did it!

What have you done today that fell out of your realm of comfort?


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