Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let's go to Australia

I'm visiting the land down under.  Just virtually, of course. I wish it were for real - one day ...

So check it out. I'm featured global author with a web page and an interview with Aussie Writers for the month of June.

Ryshia Kennie Down Under

Do you know for all the fantastic things to see in Australia, the one that has fascinated me the most since I was a little kid is the Platypus.

And what fascinates you?



Teresa said...

What fascinates me is when a child comes to me a struggling reader, and leaves with a grasp of the English language that didn't seem possible ten months ago. I say to myself..."Did I do that?". I LOVE the magic of the primary is always fascinating...but sometimes borders on frustrating...

Ryshia Kennie said...

And what an incredible gift for any child. Just think - you gave them the tools to take themselves anywhere they want to go in the world. The world is only a page away. Enjoyment, knowledge, travel, a world of dreams available between the covers of any book.

Go teachers! Or more specifically go T!