Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Journey Askew - Get a Plan

Let's get a caveat right up front - I am creative - I am not into charts or schedules or outlines or even plans and this post well it's about - gulp - plans.

Why is it that what you imagine is never what happens? What I dream always has a straight line to the finish with a clear end result and the reality... well that was always slight askew. Not saying that I didn't meet my goals but they were never exactly as I anticipated.

Why? Well as I write this it becomes clear, no defined plan, only a goal. When I was a child I loved to travel - anywhere. As an adult I traveled sporadically, on a whim with no real thought and, yes, no plan. Then I planned, budgeted and really began to travel. Now I travel regularly.

Writing - well I always wrote, sporadically, continually and I got a full-time job which ate into much of that writing time. Then one day I realized that I loved to write but it would never support me. And it was clear, there had never been a plan and as long as that was the case there would be the full-time job. Well you see the never-ending circle. How would writing support me? So I drafted the plan. Then my first novel was published. Then...

Well you see where this is going...

Get a plan!

Sometimes I think for the really important things in life you need a plan. Especially if you want to reach your destination. Of course if you're into surprise well - you're on your own.

Knowing what you know now - would you still fly by the seat of your pants - or would you get a plan!


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